Saturday, February 9, 2013

Upward Game

Today was my second Upward basketball game. (Anna's third) It was the hardest game so far. I was guarding a girl that was a little taller than me. It was the same girl Anna mentioned on her blog. Thankfully, it didn't feel like a wrestling match to me. She was really nice, and we talked a lot. Even though we lost, we still put up a good fight. On the last quarter, we down almost 20 points, but at the end of the game we were only down 4! Anna has a dream that she scored 4 times, and in the game, not only did she score for the first time, but she scored 3 times! I was SO proud of her.

The funny thing was at the end of every quarter, I would think: There is no way I am going to go back in. But I ended up playing the whole game! Even though my stomach hurt really bad and I pulled a muscle a once I kept going. My little sister, Ellie, (She's on our team), had a really had a good game too, even though she feel and got four rug burns. Ouch. I think it was a great game for all of us and I thank God for this opportunity. He is showing me how to endure, how to have good sportsmanship, and how to be me a team player. BTW, I get to see my best friend twice a week!
In Christ,